Can You Get Your Body Back in Shape After Pregnancy?

Going through a pregnancy is a major life event for any women who has the pleasure (and pain) of experiencing it.  Like all women your body changed while you were pregnant and you gained some extra weight. Now that you have given birth to your little one, you are ready to focus on getting back in shape. Some women have a challenging time getting rid of the extra baby weight, but it is likely because they are not active enough or eating healthy enough.

Start Focusing More on Your Diet & Eating Better

When you were pregnant, you ate whatever you were craving at the moment, but now it is time to get strict with your diet. You should eat better for yourself, but also for your little one if you are breastfeeding. Pay attention to the calories you are taking in and make sure you do not go over the ideal limit for your height and weight. If you are breastfeeding, you may get to consume a few extra calories because you will burn them a bit faster.

Some great foods to start eating include oranges, broccoli, cabbage and fish. Avoid frying any of your meals unless you are preparing them in coconut oil instead of corn, canola or vegetable oil.

Stay Active Despite Feeling Tired

It is quite normal for a new mom to feel excessively tired. You are trying to get things back to normal, but you are up at all kinds of hours throughout the night. Although you feel tired, you cannot let that sleepy feeling keep you from staying active.

If you are taking at least 10,000 steps per day, it is possible to start losing around one pound each week. Even if one pound does not sound like a lot, it adds up and helps you get closer to your goal weight. You can wear a pedometer to monitor how many steps you are taking. Instead of doing something too vigorous, you can burn some calories by taking the baby outside in the stroller for a walk.

The two most important ways to quickly lose weight after giving birth include eating the right foods and staying active. If you can stick with the healthier routine, you can drop that weight faster than you think.

You May Not Get Your Old Body Back

As much effort as you may put in to getting your old physique and appearance back 100%, it isn’t always like a Hollywood movie where the star’s body bounces back weeks later.  We even see this in tabloids for those lucky few celebrities who’s body’s have this ability to bounce back.  For most women however it is more likely you will have a very difficult time returning to your previous form.  Some women are unlucky enough to have excessive weight gain and stretching of the skin; something that will never return to normal without surgery.  For situations like this the only real solution is to have a Tummy Tuck procedure (also know as Abdominoplasty surgery) which can be quite costly.  Making that kind of decision requires a lot of thought and consideration before deciding to go through with it but many women are happy they did it.  For more information check out

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