New Innovations In Vision Technology That Are Coming Soon

Due to the many advances in computing technology, and the doubling of computing power every 2 years or so, there have been major advances in other sciences as well. Fields like biotechnology, physics, and material sciences have been reaching new levels of innovation because computers are enabling researchers to run multiple simulations per second without actually testing materials until a viable match has been found. In the vision correction technology field there have been new contact lens materials developed and even contact video camera lenses that are coming soon.

There Are Adjustable Contact Lenses That May Be Available

These adjustable lenses are going to be electronic and be able to be adjusted from near vision, far vision and anything in between. The devices are using technology that is already in use in other optical lenses used in cameras and other optical devices like augmented reality displays.

The materials in the lens are called electro-active, in other words they change their structure depending on the amount of electrical current that is run through them. From the outside they look and feel exactly like regular contact lenses. The wearer will also be able to set pre-chosen focus ranges to quickly view items at common distances, like reading, driving, computer screens or the TV. Otherwise, the lenses are infinitely adjustable as well manually. These are due on the market in late 2016.

LASIK To Improve Reading Vision

Monovision has been developed to help those that need reading vision correction by correcting one eye to be able to focus up close and the other eye, usually the dominant one, to focus at longer distances. While this technique may sound a little far-fetched, the human brain seems to adapt rapidly and smoothly to the change without problems.

This method works well with a large number of people but isn’t for everyone. Some athletes, such as golfers, baseball players, or others that need perfect long distance vision in both eyes to accurately hit a ball, or watch an already hit ball, won’t be good candidates for this type of correction. For more information about LASIK Eye Surgery or to find a center near you to ask questions, visit

Samsung Has Video Camera Contact Lenses

Just like you may have seen in some science fiction movies there are now contact lenses that take videos. The patent has already been granted on the invention and it appears to work two ways. It can take video and wirelessly send it to any smartphone device through a built-in antenna.

Plus, it can show video to the user in an augmented reality experience just like the wearable glasses made by Google. The lenses are managed by the user with blinks, but ideas are already being floated about having the lenses be smartphone connected and controlled as well.

Not to be outdone, Google has also been granted several patents on a similar technology that will also read blood sugar levels in real time for diabetics. There are quite a number of different medical conditions that can be read from the tear content in people’s eyes.

There are many new inventions coming on a daily and weekly basis, so many that it’s hard to keep up with all of the progress. By setting a Google notification you can get daily emails about any subject you desire in order to stay on top of the latest developments.

Can You Get Your Body Back in Shape After Pregnancy?

Going through a pregnancy is a major life event for any women who has the pleasure (and pain) of experiencing it.  Like all women your body changed while you were pregnant and you gained some extra weight. Now that you have given birth to your little one, you are ready to focus on getting back in shape. Some women have a challenging time getting rid of the extra baby weight, but it is likely because they are not active enough or eating healthy enough.

Start Focusing More on Your Diet & Eating Better

When you were pregnant, you ate whatever you were craving at the moment, but now it is time to get strict with your diet. You should eat better for yourself, but also for your little one if you are breastfeeding. Pay attention to the calories you are taking in and make sure you do not go over the ideal limit for your height and weight. If you are breastfeeding, you may get to consume a few extra calories because you will burn them a bit faster.

Some great foods to start eating include oranges, broccoli, cabbage and fish. Avoid frying any of your meals unless you are preparing them in coconut oil instead of corn, canola or vegetable oil.

Stay Active Despite Feeling Tired

It is quite normal for a new mom to feel excessively tired. You are trying to get things back to normal, but you are up at all kinds of hours throughout the night. Although you feel tired, you cannot let that sleepy feeling keep you from staying active.

If you are taking at least 10,000 steps per day, it is possible to start losing around one pound each week. Even if one pound does not sound like a lot, it adds up and helps you get closer to your goal weight. You can wear a pedometer to monitor how many steps you are taking. Instead of doing something too vigorous, you can burn some calories by taking the baby outside in the stroller for a walk.

The two most important ways to quickly lose weight after giving birth include eating the right foods and staying active. If you can stick with the healthier routine, you can drop that weight faster than you think.

You May Not Get Your Old Body Back

As much effort as you may put in to getting your old physique and appearance back 100%, it isn’t always like a Hollywood movie where the star’s body bounces back weeks later.  We even see this in tabloids for those lucky few celebrities who’s body’s have this ability to bounce back.  For most women however it is more likely you will have a very difficult time returning to your previous form.  Some women are unlucky enough to have excessive weight gain and stretching of the skin; something that will never return to normal without surgery.  For situations like this the only real solution is to have a Tummy Tuck procedure (also know as Abdominoplasty surgery) which can be quite costly.  Making that kind of decision requires a lot of thought and consideration before deciding to go through with it but many women are happy they did it.  For more information check out

Acquiring Good Health with a Healing Touch

Maintaining a good health condition is something that every person should consider. This idea is common to those who would like to live longer. Humans have been doing a lot of things in order to achieve this and since it has become a commodity, most of us would spend a lot of money in order to have a good health condition. So, what do we gain from having a good health condition? Well, consider the following:


Ability to finish a lot of tasks

If you have a good health condition, you will be able to accomplish a lot of tasks and that will become your achievement. Take time to assess your health condition right now and you can also measure and see for yourself if you can finish a certain task or not. It is important for you to assess or estimate your capacity in doing a certain task so that you will avoid problems that might occur in the future.

A happier mood

If you are not in a good health condition, the tendency is that you are not happy as well. It is ironic for someone to say that he is happy when he is not feeling well. That is a contradiction. Maintain a good health and you will have a happier mood. You will find it more interesting to deal with other people if you feel that nothing’s bothering you. If you feel the other way around, you will also carry that as a burden. You have to maintain a good health condition if you want to see the sun shine daily in your way.

A more positive view of life


A higher confidence

This is connected with the first one on the list. If you have a good health condition, you also possess a higher level of confidence. Well, you need a good amount of confidence in order to try a lot of things in this life. You have to be more careful in acquiring confidence also and see to it that you are using this is in a good way.

Well, acquiring a good health condition is possible with a healing touch natural health. To know more about this one, you have to search online and visit its official website. Well, it has already been mentioned that health is important. Now this is your chance to do something with yours.